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Recent Project


Located at a tourist destination a few hours away from mumbai, this hotel serves as a perfect weekend gateway. The design is stark and simple with all functional areas well defined. it has a lavish entrance lobby overlooking the indoor swimming pool, a spa, a restaurant, 22 guest rooms, and 4 suites. It is a boutique hotel hence the design approach was to keep it minimalistic yet unique. The semi covered pool adds to the aesthetics of the space as well as lets in diffused light and ventilation.

Area: 28,000 sqft | Type: Hospitality | Place: Alibaug, Raigad | Client: PNP Resorts and hotels Pvt Ltd

Residential Projects

Place: Marine Drive, Mumbai.

Area: 2,400 sqft

Client: Mr. Patil

Type: Residential

A sea facing apartment in an Art Deco building in which we had to rearrange the interior spaces radically. With a simple and realistic approach, we opened up the entire space and created solids, voids and curved partitions to accommodate a lavish Living Room with a curved wall and a stunning Dining Area by eliminating all the passages and letting light travel all the way inside.it was a transition we experienced closely.

Place: Thane.

Area: 2,200 sqft

Client: Mr. Tipnis

Type: Residential

Each corner is neatly designed to be a part of the whole picture. The colors are earthy and vibrant and the place is a good blend of modern and classic with interesting features .It‘s all about the ambience here. Elements are placed to create a composition with opened out spaces and distinguished by levels makes it a perfect entertainment pad in SOBO. Design demanded that we carefully blend daily functionalities and at the same time add a glamorous touch to the project.

Place: Alibaug

Area: 17,000 sqft

Client: Mr. Patil

Type: Residential

The sprawling bungalow with larger than life spaces and a massive landscape garden the front, is planned from macro to micro level. Many of the design decisions centre on maximising light and views. A static picture is one thing, but when you see an interior or architectural piece from various angles, it definitely adds up to the overall experience of this project.

Commercial Projects

Place: Tardeo, Mumbai.

Area: 1,20,000 sqft

Client: NSS Hill Spring

Type: Institutional

High profile school in South Mumbai is completely designed as per the IB standards and norms. The infrastructure houses a covered swimming pool, a sloping lawn at the entrance with waiting lobby etc. the entrance for the pre-primary section has a mini Amphi-theatre along with spacious and innovatively designed classrooms, audiovisual libraries and play zones. The primary sections have a more formal look in terms of visual appeal with clean lines and splashes of toned down colors. The buildings are completely air-conditioned. The challenge for this project was to design under a restricted environment and area alongside a hill-slope which is to be developed as a botanical garden as well as a recreational area for students.

Place: Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Area: 2,200 sqft

Client: MAC Steel

Type: Commercial. 

The client brief included making the place interesting and not like any other corporate office. Hence we thought of getting a bit of outdoor into the office by introducing a central water-body and all the workstations and conference room facing it. The colors used are bold yet very formal. Design elements add sculptural value to the place.

Place: Candolim, Goa.

Area: 1,500 sqft

Client: Goan heritage.

Type: Hospitality.

We aimed for Wow by giving the Guest Rooms a complete makeover. Each room has a drastically different look with similar concept. Keeping in mind the upkeep of the place, the design evolved to a contemporary style and the décor, in vogue, with a few interesting details which reflect Modern Day Goa.

Place: Dadar, Mumbai.

Area: 250 sqft

Client: Mr. Vartak

Type: Institutional

We always look forward to a challenging project that pushes us to try and create space, especially in Mumbai where every inch counts. This pad/studio required us to fit in a workplace, living space, kitchenette, bed space, storages, and an attached toilet all in 250 sq.ft!!. We, therefore, explored multi-usage spaces, lofts and exploited the height of the space. The overall result was a bit of a surprise to all of us have realized that all these requirements can be accommodated in a small space in an aesthetical manner.


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