What a client wants from an architect

As a client, what do you want from your architect? This is a question we get a lot here at our architecture firm. And while every client is different, there are some commonalities that we see. Here are the top five things our clients want from us:

1. A Good Listener

Clients want an architect who will listen to their needs and desires. They don’t want someone who is going to try to push their own agenda. Instead, they want someone who will take the time to understand what they are looking for and then work with them to create the perfect solution.

2. Someone Who Can See Their Vision

Clients want an architect who can see their vision for the project. They want someone who understands their style and can translate that into a design that will meet their needs.

3. Someone Who Is responsive

Clients want an architect who is responsive to their inquiries and concerns. They want someone who will return their calls and emails in a timely manner and who is available to meet when needed.

4. Someone Who Is Proactive

Clients want an architect who is proactive in their approach to the project. They want someone who is always thinking ahead and who is always looking for ways to improve the design.

5. Someone Who Is a Good Communicator

Clients want an architect who is a good communicator. They want someone who can explain the design process and who can keep them updated on the progress of the project.

These are just a few of the things that clients want from their architects. Sejpal Architects understand the Client’s perspective and believe in building a successful relationship with our clients.